______________     ______      ___  ________              
             .\\   _    _   /----/     /_____/   \\\.     /_             
                )__/    /___\  _/     //    /    //    /___(__           
                  /    //      \     //    /    //    /_\     \          
                 /_____\       /_____\ _________\ _______      \         
              _________  ___________ ________ _______     ________       
             _)       /_.)   ._    //  ___  //      /_____\____  (       
             \    |__/  \__  |/  _//     /  /      /      X0  /   \      
              \   :       /  /    \__   /  //_    /\     /.  /     \     
             .\\_________/___\      /_____////____/\     \\__      /     
               ///////////////\____///////  ////////\____////\____//.    
                              /////                 /////    /////       

 For the past two years, ThugCrowd has been a podcast run by hackers for hackers.
 If you've followed us since then, you've watched us transform from a completely 
 unlistenable stream of technical psychobabble, to a slightly listenable stream 
 of technical psychobabble. 
 We've done a lot over these two years, and our group has created a number of 
 incredible projects, some of which you've heard about, and others you will soon
 hear about.
 Our podcast spawned a large community, with a variety of interesting people.
 We've followed each other, cheered each other on, shared resources and 
 information, and watched everyone grow and do amazing things.
 One of the biggest challenges of running something like this is being able to
 coordinate at scale. ThugCrowd is not based in any one country, so we have had
 people from all over the world working on this.
 We all have day jobs, families, and other responsibilities, which can make it
 difficult to do things the way we want, in the timeframe we've given ourselves.
 We want to shift our focus towards curating content, be it streams, blog posts,
 or other media, from our core members and people who do things that deserve 
 attention. This will allow us and our core members to focus on doing the things
 we care about, without the overhead of being a "content creator". 

 Since we all do our own research and projects, this allows us to work at our 
 own pace, and be able to do things in a format we are most comfortable with.
 Our website will be transformed into a running live feed of news, good reads,
 resources, cheat codes, streams, and interesting links that we want to share.
 We want to curate content that we feel is useful to the infosec and hacking 
 communities, without all of the ads, spam, paywalls, and other things that 
 cheapen our craft. We also want to highlight the amazing research, discoveries,
 projects, art, music, and other content from members of our group and beyond.
 We will continue to do some live events, charity streams, and other streams as
 ThugCrowd, but we will cease the regular production of our podcast. Many of us
 stream on our own, and will likely continue to collaborate with each other on
 more focused content.
 We will also be using our Twitch and other streaming channels to host content
 and bring it under a semi-unified umbrella that people can use to search the 
 massive back catalogue of unique content our people have created.
 Thanks to everyone who has supported us, came on our show or was interviewed
 by us, laughed with us during technical difficulties, rallied with us on 
 important causes, and grew with us! We value each and every one of you for
 helping us create something unique. We hope that you continue to enjoy our 
 content, as we become a more consistent resource for {Ad|BS|FUD}-free infosec 
 and hacking news/resources.
 Our last episode will be March 17th 2020 at 9PM America/New_York live on Twitch!


 greetz 2: faith, jinn, decoded, mg, krazed, lolcow, andrew morris, joseph cox, 
 jason scott, tinkersec, patrick gray, casey ellis, jilles, snyff, campuscodi,
 esquiring, skelsec, def_hand, lynx, six, zer0pwn, broke chic, zack whittaker, 
 keksec, dustrial, dade, pic0o, tprophet, ytcracker, atmos, l0de, sam houston, 
 dakacki, lucky225, packet storm, cybersecstu, da5ch0, McGruff, r0bl0xgang, 
 srsns, Anonymous_, mrn, x0, kindergip, fraq, 0katz, zuph, kdz, sparkleops, 
 poshea, ec0, protoxin, bitcoinctf, bane, kayos, xehle, dollarvpnclub, and the 
 entire ThugCrowd crew that shall go unnamed.

 people we stole a lot of links from: silvio, thoth, mdowd, halvar flake, 
 daveaitel, grugq, ange albertini, thepacketrat, fs0c131y, swiftonsecurity
 Here is a short list of content creators that we love and want to share!
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